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Medallion Pharmacy

Medallion Pharmacists are dedicated healthcare professionals who do more than fill prescriptions. 

We have extensive experience working as health advisors.

Medallion Prescription Pharmacy

We understand that your schedule can be demanding. Most of the time, we can fill your new prescription within 5 minutes. Prescriptions can be refilled 24 hours a day by calling (818) 340-0212, or you can REFILL ONLINE in a few simple steps. Transferring prescriptions is just as simple. When you bring in your old medication bottles, our pharmacists will gladly accomplish this. If you don't have time to come to the pharmacy, we will deliver your prescription to you.

Open Hours:
Mon - Thu: 9 AM - 5:30 PM
Fri: 8 AM - 4:30 PM
Sat - Sun: Closed


At the corner of happy & healthy. Caring beyond prescriptions. Count on people who care.

A pharmacy Your Family Can Trust. Always There To Care.

About us

Medallion Prescription Pharmacy

We collaborate with both patients and medical professionals in order to develop high-quality pharmaceuticals that are specifically tailored to meet your requirements. We are able to prepare drugs according to your specific needs.

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Our Services

Our pharmacies offer reasonable prices and safety. Optum simplifies. Answer all your pharmacy inquiries.

Prescription Auto-Refill

We'll refill your prescriptions and let you know when they're ready.

Affordable Pricing

Prescription savings vary by prescription and by pharmacy

Multilingual Support

Demand-printing Consumer Medication Information: Spanish, French, Vietnamese.

Total Immunzation

Pharmacy staff can help protect communities through vaccines.

Medication Therapy Management

Improved drug utilization for targeted beneficiaries maximizes therapeutic effects.

Free Delivery

Same-day delivery is always free. Your medication will be delivered.

Caring Beyond Drugs. A hometown pharmacy with world-class service.

The pharmacy that cares for the well-being of you and your family.

Compassionate care and individualized services to meet patient needs.

Our Specialty

Professional staff

Our faculty, staff, and administrators are 100% focused on your success

Premium Support

Our actionable insights help you deliver solutions faster for better patient outcomes.


Bring Your Doctor’s Prescriptions For Unique Medications.

Covid-19 Vaccination

Medallion Prescription Pharmacy has Covid-19 Vaccine. Visit or phone us for details.

Meet Our Teams

The total long-term care pharmacy solution. A national leader in pharmacy services with a community focus.

Jen Hudson


Kevin Hagen


Laurel Tran


Kim Park


Our Pharmacy

Compassionate care and individualized services to meet patient needs.

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Happy Clients

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John Peterson
John Peterson
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I'm sick and tired of chain pharmacies. I decided to try out independent pharmacies and was pleasantly surprised. The service is quick and friendly. There is seldom a long line, there is plenty of seating, and the drugstore is neat and clean. That's a plus because they speak numerous languages here. Definitely recommend! Oh, and they have all types of vaccinations, including the three covid vaccines. Amazing!
Christine Watts
Christine Watts
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The whole staff is friendly and helpful. I My doctor recommended their services to me just recently. This is unquestionably the place to be for anyone. They provide excellent and prompt service, are sensitive to your needs upon entering, and are really helpful with any difficulties, complaints, or ideas. I would highly recommend this as your go-to spot for any needs.
Mary Anderson
Mary Anderson
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What an amazing and revitalizing experience! Because of the kindness and patience shown by the staff, it seems likely that this pharmacy is run by a family. Just like in the good old days, when people looked out for one another instead of treating you like just another number in an unending queue at some place that was owned by a corporation. These folks are awesome, and they have earned our support as a local company. Don't be afraid to back them up.
Jen Smith
Jen Smith
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This place provided us with a wonderful experience overall. The service provided by the staff was not only quick and effective, but also quite comprehensive. When it came to scheduling my parents' visits for their vaccinations, John was an exceptionally helpful resource. It was smooth both going in and coming out. Very strongly suggested!