The professionalism of Medallion Pharmacists goes beyond preparing prescriptions. We are experienced health consultants and will be happy to:

• Explain medications for you and provide written information.
• Inform you on how to use them safely and effectively.
• Answer questions you have about compatibility with current medications.
• Discuss possible side effects.
• Assist in selecting on any products in our pharmacy.
• Offer immunization services for flu for adults, walk-in or appointment basis.
• Provide computerized records of purchases for insurance or tax purposes.
• Save up to 60% on FDA approved generic drugs compared to brand names.
• And all our services are done with total confidentiality.

We know your schedule can be hectic. Most often we can fill your new prescription within 5 minutes. You can refill prescriptions 24 hours a day by calling (818) 340-0212 or you can REFILL ONLINE in just a few easy steps. Transferring prescriptions is just as easy. Our pharmacist will be happy to do this when you bring in your old medication bottle. If you don’t have time to come to the pharmacy, we will deliver your prescription to you.


What Everybody Should Know About Their Medicines.
- The name of the medicine and what it is supposed to do.
- How and when to take it and for how long.
- What foods, beverages, other medicines and activities to avoid while taking the medicine.
- Potential side effects and what to do if they occur.
- What to do if you miss a dose.
- Proper storage instructions.